Akamai Fun Academy puts FUN in after-school enrichment.

Here at Akamai Fun Academy we believe that kids learn best when they are enjoying every minute. With years of experience we know how to make our classes fun and engaging. Our sessions are filled with excitement and laughter, and kids walk away with huge smiles on their faces and they always ask: "When are we doing this again?".

Child Safety

At Akamai Fun Academy we foster a positive environment, where every child feels safe and is supported by a caring adult on their journey of discovery. Behaviors are monitored constantly and there is absolutely zero tolerance for bullying or other negative behavior. Our instructors have years of experience in running fun and engaging activities that leave very little time for boredom and mischief.

Our instructors are CPR certified and insured.

Our Staff

Chessmaster Maurice

Chessmaster Maurice has over 15 years of experience in running after-school enrichment activities. 

He began teaching chess in 2002 in various Los Angeles area schools. During that time, Maurice got to work with a very diverse population and was one of the most popular chessmasters at the Fun Smart Institute.

After moving to Maui, he began volunteering at the Boys and Girls Clubs of Maui in Lahaina as chess instructor and homework helper. He loved doing it so much that he soon became part of the staff and soon after became the Clubhouse Director.

After being Clubhouse Director for over 5 years and bringing many exciting programs to various Clubs, he was named the Director of Operations for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Maui.

He also coached the Lahaina Cheifs Pop-Warner football team in his spare time.

We are very excited to have Chessmaster Maurice be our chief instructor to conduct classes at your school.

Chess in the news:

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